So here you are, checking out my small portion of the Lost Boys site. What, pray tell, could I have for you to read to keep your interest? I can't think of a damn thing to tell you that would be entertaining, but I will try to think of a few words that will keep you reading.

In real life, I am a computer consultant. Originally, my background is fine arts and graphic design. What do I do to keep the insanity of these things from my door? Well for one, I enjoy the SCA. Another is riding my motorcycle during those nice days. I learned how to scuba dive a couple summers ago, and long to go again, especially to dive in and around shipwrecks and caves.

As you can see by wandering this site, there are a number of us in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). We seem to do more non-SCA activities together. This includes canoe trips, camping, local activities, devising new drink recipes, etc.

As far as the SCA goes, I enjoy the friends I have made all over the knowne world. I look forward to seeing them, and meeting new friends when I travel. My travels mostly cover wars, large Middle kingdom events, and various Northshield events.

Some of my favorite events through the year are: Pennsic War (of course), War of the Lilies (Calontir), Gulf Wars (Meridies), WW (Northshield), Festival of Maidens (Middle), Boar's Head (Northshield), Castle Fever (Northshield), and Armorgeddon (Northshield). I usually double or triple this number of events per year with smaller and more distant events.

The photo below is from WWIV, July 1997 when I took my first squire, Padruig MacLennan. A knight could not find a better squire, or one more promising. There are none more noble or generous, or with such spirit. I am truly humbled to have him as my squire.

My knighting occurred the day of Northshield's third Coronet Tournament, at the hands of Osis and Caitlin. It was a splendid day, as my squire-brother Siegfried and I were both offered the accolade, and victory in the tournament was his. Siegfried and I were squired to Finn Yarl Herjolffsen at the same time, as well. In fact, we were squired with the same belt, which was long enough to go around both of us. It brought me great honor to share his day with him.

I hope this page was worth a stop. If you have comments, or just want to say hello, e-mail me at

In parting, some useful advice: Don't eat or drink anything on fire.