It appears you have made the mistake of wanting more information about me. This means you are either very bored, a glutton for punishment or are with a law enforcement agency (Lost Boys, never heard of 'em).

So I think we will start this conversational web page by explaining how things work and then getting into the Q&A.

How Things Work

1. You ask a question (Q:). Since you were not here when I wrote this I had to do your part as well - slacker!

2. I give an abusive, rambling reply (ARR:) which includes some probably not so witty comments but oh well, wanted you to feel at home.

3. I give a more informative answer (A:) for those who are smart enough to not want to feel at home here.

Question and Answer

Q: Who are you?

ARR: You came here, you should already have some kind of idea. I mean what kind of person just clicks on any old link? Have you no standards? I hope you're not PWT (poor web browsing trash) because I won't have that here! So maybe that does describe many of my friends, but who said I wanted them here anyway?

A: I guess you could call me the Roving Lost Boy. I'm the one that shows up a few times a year to give the other Lost Boys grief and maybe take a bit as well.

Q: Why have I not seen you around?

ARR: Would you be seen in public with these guys?

A: I live in Germany (near Munich)?

Q: What are you doing in Germany?

ARR: Hiding! You know how it is one day you wake up and all those people you gave a hard time to all those years are wearing some sort of tin hat or white belt and you can tell by their smile that they remember and have plans for you.

A: Got bored in the states and though I would try something new. Europe has a lot of spice and the cities have a great feel. You should try it some time. Feel free to drop me a line if coming to the Munich area.

Q: How do you like it in Germany?

ARR: What boring questions come on get some real ones?

A: The SCA in Germany is very different than what I am used to in the States. There are not as many events in the area but the people are great and the sites can be amazing (you know castles and all). It is great to be in the area the history actually happened and having museums and historical sites around when you want to see armor, art, etc. that doesn't suck.

Q: Do you do a job or are you a bum?

ARR: Hey now watch that attitude! It just so happens I was a bum for a while and it was damn fun!

A: I am a consultant and trainer on communications and computer networks (say it ain't so - yet another Lost Boy computer geek!) All in all a fun job that gives good flexibility but very time demanding at points.

Q: What do you do for kicks?

ARR: I can't list all of them because as was mentioned you may be from a law enforcement agency.

A: Basketball (easily the best of the Lost Boys at this), biking (both long tours and mountain biking) and travel (by bike when I can). Currently in the planning is a bike trip in Spain and Portugal and the granddaddy, the bike trip from Munich to and around Asia.

Q: What SCA do you do?

ARR: I am proud to say I've done miscellaneous activities and that photographic evidence of much of it is scarce.

A: My primary activities are: heavy fighting and hanging out. In general I love melee and single combat takes a bit of a back seat to it. I have also done some armoring and jewelry making and tried my hand at (i.e. failed miserably one time at) smithing (actually made tongs and they worked - not so bad), tent making (broke in the first storm at Pennsic), song writing (wow was that bad). I also have been known to participate in dancing (much to the chagrin of others) and feasting (eating of not making).

Q: What events do you usually go to?


A: Pennsic is the one event I get to see most of the friends I don't see very often , fight with many of the people I most like to fight with (like the Lost Boys and friends) and camp with an outrageous group of yahoos. Currently I am looking to add a few more wars to the regular rotation (double wars or gulf wars appear to be the promising ones right now).