Kamikaze Party


At Pennsic XXX, the Lost Boys celebrated their Ninth Annual Kamikaze Party. Due to growing popularity, this party has become a Pennsic tradition. All are welcome to enjoy our hospitality, and some occasionally enjoy beyond sensibility. We offer, as the drink of the evening, a scrupulously refined recipe of the infamous bar shot - Kamikazes. They are very tasty, and go down smooth. Many years have been dedicated to creating the smoothest and tastiest mixture.

We normally provide about fourty or so gallons of kamikazes, which are typically consumed in about two hours. Estimates of the number of people in attendance are around six hundred or more.

While all are invited to drink as much or as little as they like, a headband is offered to those hearty souls who drink five shots. This displays to the world not only their courage, but clearly indicates there is a drunken fool before them. These headbands have come a long way since the first party, where they were merely strips of torn cloth. Now they have a design of some sort (different every year).

Why do we host this party? To give those who attend a fun place to go in the evening and enjoy each other's company. Isn't that why anyone goes to Pennsic? We also wish to extend our hospitality to everyone, as we are grateful when hospitality is extended to us. We ask no donations (although we do accept them) because we want to return the graciousness of people who host their own parties out of their pocket. Those people are especially welcome and invited to come to the kamikaze party. If you have photographs taken at the kamikaze party that you are particularly proud of, we would be happy to put it up on this page.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all those that help with the party. Those people that buy the booze, help get it to the site, set up for the party, mix the drinks, serve the drinks, take care of people in need, and clean up after.

We would also like to thank all those who offered a donation for the expenses. Your generosity is well appreciated. It is spirit like yours that makes hospitality a real pleasure. We have been so appreciative that those who donate five dollars receive a commemorative shotglass. Contact one of us if you would like one.

We look forward to seeing you all at next year's Kamikaze Party! Look for one at Gulf Wars, and possibly the War of the Lillies.

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