Kamikaze Battle


For four years now (as of Pennsic XXX), the Lost Boys have hosted a battle at Pennsic. We thought that Pennsic could use a small battle early in the week to let early arriving fighters a chance to get into the war spirit. Since Pennsic battles have enough competition with who wins, we thought it fitting that our battle be just for the fighters rather than for the kings and generals. Therefore there is no victory condition, fighters just go fight.

Some of our favorite fighting is in towns or other interesting terrain. Our first battle was a very small town made around two huge piles of haybales. Since then, we've changed our design to a bridge with breaches that open and close suddenly to keep the action lively and unpredictable. At Pennsic XXX, we hosted the first battle in the new fort.

Because of the appeal, the numbers participating in this battle has grown from dozens to hundreds. This has opened up the idea of the Lost Boys hosting an interesting variation of a woods battle.

Whatever we decide to do, the Lost Boys will continue to host battles at Pennsic that focus on the fighters. We hope you all enjoy playing at the type of fighting that we like the most.

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