Below is a list of the events that at least some of us are currently planning on attending.

Jan 6th, 1999 Nordskogen 12th Night Minneapolis, MN
Jan 18th, 1998 Festival of Maidens Champaign-Urbana, IL
Feb 19th, 1999 Lupercalia Mankato, MN
Beware of thieves!
March 6, 1999 Fighter's School Appleton, WI
March 9-15, 1999 Gulf Wars VIII Kingdom of Meridies
May 22,1999 Schutzenfest Minneapolis, MN
May 29-30,1999 Midrealm Crown Tournament Grand Rapids, MI
June 4-6, 1999 Castle Fever Oronoco, MN
June 1999 Northshield Coronet Tournament  
June 1999 War of the Lillies Kingdom of Calontir
July 1999 Warlords/Warriors Day VI Osseo, WI
August 7-22,1999 Pennsic War XXVIII Slippery Rock, PN

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