Hi! Welcome to my personal page on the Lost Boys website. I suppose as long as you are here, I should tell you something interesting about myself. Well, I have participated in the SCA since 1996 when a great friend brought me to an event for my birthday. I loved every minute of it and have been involved ever since. My interests in the SCA are supporting the fighters, participating in the arts and sciences (i.e. embroidery & cross stitch, costuming, metalworking, and general hanging out with friends and meeting new people).

Personally, I have been married since early 1999 to Gerrod von Meersburg. We live in a great house and have two dogs, two cats, and fourteen rats whom we all love. We have a very busy life with all the animals, remodeling our house and landscaping our yard, hanging out with our friends and spending time together.

My favorite things in life are my husband, my family, my friends, my animals, The Flintstones, Winnie the Pooh, spending time at home, reading, making crafts (including SCA projects), movies and my second home, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.