When asked to write a pseudo-biography of my persona and myself, I of course jumped at the chance to prepare a well-written, academic(and of course dry!) excursion into my personal and SCA history. Having studied English and being a teacher of the subject mundanely, it was my first impulse. Thankfully for you the reader, I suppressed those instincts and have opted for an informal, off-the-cuff approach.

My SCA persona is a fifth century American Indian/Aztec/Viking/Mongolian persona from the island of Japan(alright, enough of that!). My SCA persona is actually a mid-fourteenth century Scot from the lowland west coast (for which I receive a great deal of grief from others with Scot personas who retain the attitude that if your ain't a Highander, you ain't-- well, you know... Anyway, I simply inform them that my family was one of those who abandoned their precious William Wallace, and if they would like to come visit me at my vast estate I received for remaining loyal to England, I can always use another stable boy. I currently am Heir to the throne of Northshield, and will be invested as Prince in June. I enjoy heavy combat (obviously) and I am beginning my work in rapier combat. I enjoy various arts and sciences, including leatherwork, armoring, costuming, embroidery, and am interested in others, but time and my mundane life limit my desired activities (whose doesn't). I am squired to Sir Thomas de Bohun, a wonderful and encouraging man who has inspired me to strive for goals I never had considered before we met. As his sinister squire (a title given to me because I am a southpaw), I receive all the love and attention normally afforded to the blacksheep outcast of any family (ya know I'm joking Thomas).

My goals in and out of this game are constantly evolving, which I feel is important. Stagnation is deadly, and standing still will get you hit (ask any combatant). I recently attained one of my goals, which was winning Coronet Tournament for Northshield. I truly want to to learn more about many of the arts and sciences I currently know little about. I want to "permantly solidify" (what a great euphamism) the relationship with my lady. I want to someday put her on a throne and sit beside her. I want kids, (I'll NEED therapy), I want to advance in the educational field, (I need therapy NOW!), and I want to grow old still playing this game with as much zeal as I do right now. If I can accomplish most of these (and not be bankrupt from the therapy fees), I guess I can count myself a lucky man.