Welcome to Dooks’ part of LOST BOY WORLD.

I have been playing in the SCA for 5 years now. I have spent some time with fencing and now I am spending my time doing a lot of heavy fighting. (I will discuss this later in my ranting and raving.) I also have been known to do a feast or two. I really enjoy doing research in food and wine. My expertise is in French and English food of the period. After all I am classicaly trained chef. I have spent some time in europe working various chefs studing “Classical Cuisine”. Ok, I am a “Food Snob”, is that so bad??? This term was coined by my household brothers. I am always interested in talking with people about food and food stuffs. Some of my largest pet peeves are people who try to get exact recipies for period recipies. After working in Europe you learn that European Chefs lie and deceive you about what they put in their food. Exchanging recipies is another waste of time for me. I would rather exchange concepts and techniques. This is the heart and soul of food. Pet peeve # 2: bad feasts. A chef that I work for once told me something that I tend to live by. There is a bit of a story behind it. I would be glad to tell you the story if you see me in person, too hard to tell properly on the web. The quote is as follows. “All I ask you to do is to make sure that every plate that goes out the door, it must first come from the heart. Everything that you do must come from the heart.” I have had enough time ranting and raving about food.

On to a more up beat topic fighting. I love fighting and I also love melees. I try to make it to Pennsic every year. My new goal is to make it to Gulf Wars every year. I love the castle, a little boring being pinned up inside though. I still a have a good time though. I would like to open up the invitation to any and all fighters to come up and give me a whirl. I am not saying that I am the worlds best fighter but I am always looking to learn more. I have only been fighting for 2˝ years now. I am looking for a few good pointers. Melee is where I feel that I excel. I love the battle strategies and the mind game. I think that the 7 ˝ foot polearm 12 foot spears rock.