Lost Boy Glossary

A small glossary of terms used by, around, or at Lost Boys and Friends

(Pictures to be added later)

Shagging -- the physical expression of the act of... um... love. Does not require penetration to qualify as "shagging"

Booty Run -- any trip taken outside one's Barony (or camp) to visit an (ahem) "loved" one, regardless of whether or not shagging actually occurs.

Spunking the Woobie -- See "Shagging", with additional context of using someone ELSE's woobie for the act. Not to be confused with Rocco's wife, Spunky, although the nickname was earned via the same act.

Woobie -- Futon. Can be extended to include any sleeping place.

KHAAAAAAAAN! -- Common curse word lifted from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of...". Often misinterpreted as "COOOOOONNN!" Requires "inverted claw" hand
gesture accompaniment.

COOOOOONNN! -- Nearly as common curse word referring to that guy who used to be Prince. Sometimes misinterpreted as "KHAAAAAAAAN!" Enhanced by, but does
not require, inverted claw hand gesture accompaniment.

Thunder Keep -- Floating locational reference designated as wherever the largest concentration of Lost Boys currently exists. Could be Pennsic camp, could be Minnnesota. Either way, the King said it's ours! Wheee!

"We're not going to fall for the banana up the tailpipe." -- Movie quote ("Beverly Hills Cop") used commonly to diss anyone claiming sufficient mental capacity to resist a Jedi Mind Trick. Usually spoken in company expecting response, "You're not going to fall for the banana up the tailpipe?" See 'Jedi Mind Trick'.

Jedi Mind Trick -- Any practical joke, verbal banter, or other act intended to cause mental confusion in the target. Extremely funny when succesful. Almost as funny when failed. Approximately 7.42 times as funny when someone does it to themselves.

Were-Idiot -- Someone, normally tolerably competent, who transforms into an idiot at irregular intervals. Not actually dependent upon lunar cycle.

Were-Genius -- Opposite of Were-Idiot, someone who, while normally incompetent, suddely develops fits of intellegence. Usually doesn't last long.

Ditty -- Far too complex to truly do justice here. If you don't know, ask someone.

Dit-Jit-Su -- Martial arts study developed entirely of looking at pictures in a martial arts book or magazine, and then trying to reproduce them in real life. Physical contact is completely shunned, thus avoiding injury while learning to kick someones ass.

HARD on the fishmarket -- initially designed to express backhanded sympathy for someone suffering a hard blow to the mouth or face. Has over time been extended to cover any devastating impact.

Tanks -- Tracked vehicles used in modern mundane warfare or large vessels used for storage. Any mention thereof requires response, "You're welcome".

The Ghetto -- Traditionally, anywhere Rusty or Halvdan sleeps in camp. Recently extended to include Bastien and the Incredible Folding Airplane Hangar. Should probably include Oscad.

Smigus Dyngus (pronounced "Shmingles Dingles")-- Polish holiday celebrated the Monday immediately following Easter in which people are expected, nay, ENCOURAGED, to splash each other with water. Must be a purification or bathing thing, which explains why so many Polish people felt the need to explain it to Trev.

"And he's Gay" -- extra tagline useful in a variety of situational dissings. Drop one on the end of a standard diss or tack on to someone else's. Pic!

Junk-Jiggler -- Male stripp-- I mean, "exotic dancer". Ask Bucket about this sometime.

"I'm Cool" -- Expression used in backhanded self-deprecating attempt to regain dignity after a particulary egregious fuckup. Originally used by Prancer after a delightful tumble down a stairwell that by all rights should have killed his drunk ass. Happy Birthday, Alasdair :)

Caravan of Love -- Spike's old Dodge Caravan. Inexplicably functional far beyond any rational person's expectations, this vehicle served many Lost Boy needs for years before its final collapse.

UberVan -- Conversion Van -- Originally referring to Tristan's big gray monster, it has since been extended to include any ridiculously luxurious vehicle capable of hauling multiple Lost Boys wherever, whenever, and arriving in style. It is reported, by the way, that Tristan does not have any ice cream in his UberVan.

Chick -- regardless of biological gender, anyone displaying stereotypically effeminate specific qualities, primarily gather-based shopping (as opposed to hunt-based shopping), but also inclusive of basket-carrying, high fashion sense, and taking stupid long to get ready for a trip anywhere. Examples: Therica, Rusty, Prancer, Ragnvaldr.....

Pimp -- see "Chick", but specifically refers to high fashion sense. Often associated with chickhood, but no causal relationship has officially been established. Example: Tristan

Wrong Side of the Tracks -- Anywhere the bulk of the Spawn are in relation to Thunder Keep. For example, right now, Ealdormere could be considered The Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Hosehold -- Despite Dook's predilections toward typing, it was actually Bucket's initial typo that led to this term for Household.

Lunch Money -- Insanely cruel but brilliant device used to deny Padruig his ability to breathe. "Look at me when I'm hitting you!"

Verbal Aikido -- The attempt to change the subject of a disscusion from something you don't want to talk about to anything else.

12' wake-up -- Being reminded that you should be awake for the next battle by means of a spear to the bladder.

Goatfucker Fresh -- Anything Wintergreen flavored.

Walk of Shame -- The return trip home from anywhere you made a 'Noctournal Visit'. See also 'Booty Run'.

Fiasco (fe-as'ko) n. 1. A complete failure or blunder, can be of exremely humorous nature - usually after the incident itself. collective n. 2. Two and half Lost Boys, with two being present and a third being involved or in contact (by phone, thought, or other means). For this formula, Dook qualifies as two Lost Boys himself.

Fiascon Particles (or Fiascomones) sci. n. Particles that are invisible to the naked eye and can cause problematic situations or incidents when in abundance. It has been observed that the more Lost Boys that are assembled, generally the higher concentration of Fiascon particles. Luckily, to date there has not been a critical mass reached. Experts theorize that a critical mass of Fiascon Particles could lead to a full reversal of the laws of the universe.

Dookese (Dook-eez') n. 1. Written languange of an extremely whimsical and cryptic nature, usually seen in electronic communication, which
contains no capitalization, punctuation, grammar, or spelling consistency. There are two forms of Dookese identified by experts:
High Dookese, a later more advanced version containing rudimentary grammar and punctuation; and Low Dookese, the typed equivalent to
speaking in clicks and whistles.

Rhomboid Muscle -- Hard to explain. Lift you right arm over your head.

Blooded Tuna: A person who has a follower of the opposite sex (or if not opposite sex, is gay) that is being hunted like a shark homing in on an injured fish. The clear intention of this follower is quite clearly illicit.

Schneegazelle -- A creature that a target of a 'Blooded Tuna' turns into when pursued. Term originally coined by Seigfried.

Van Buddies -- A classic jedi mind trick preying the helplessly gullible. It indicates that since you, at one time or another, rode in the same car somewhere with a person that you are entitled to know every detail of what that person knows or is thinking.

Fake Steak -- Any food item made entirely of other material. Usually a T-bone filled with pudding and wadded buns covered in gravy.

''I could eat'' --I am really freaking hungy.

Helping -- As in “Am I helping?” - A smart-ass comment to get a victim into more trouble than they already are. May also be used as, “You’re not helping!” to refer to the person who stated the smart-ass comment and got said victim in trouble in the first place.

Feel the love -- Dual definition. Usually used when a particularly clever, but cold statement is made about someone in the same room. Also used when Tristan or Alasdair leave a rattan-shaped bruise on your ass during practice. Ask Bastien.

Tone -- That little “bloooooop” sound you hear just before you get clocked in the head by a lost boy’s sword with your shield down around your ankles.

Booty Wolf -- What one declares just as you are grabbing someone's ass when they are in a helpless or unaware situation.

Booty Rhino -- A Booty Wolf gone bad wherein instead of grabbing the targeted backside, you poke your thumb.

Booty Goat -- The act of headbutting the target's backside.

Ham Biting -- Similar to the Booty Wolf/Rhino/Goat, but where the target backside gets bitten instead of grabbed, poked or headbutted.

SCIENCE! -- exclamation. Used in reply to someone who has been impressed with the workings/ function of something that you have created.

Scepter -- noun. A back scratcher in any medium.

Frolicking -- Something horrible which will make you scratch out your eyes. Usually involves Trev.

Hamma-Lammas -- Buckets twin daughters. Cutest things in the world, right up until they land knees first on your chest. Only slightly less cute then. Pic!

Shit-a-lanche -- An avalanche of stuff usually created by either attempting to remove something from the bottom of the pile, or moving furiture in an especially unkempt house.

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